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Placerville Public House welcomes Rockafellas on Friday (2/16) at 8:00 pm! If you haven't seen these guys must!!

The Rockafellas motto is,
"We're coming to rock! Put on your seat-belts, batten down the hatches, and call your Mama for the last time cuz it's gonna get crazy!" 

The Rockafellas were formed in late 2015 as a four piece classic powerhouse. Concentrating on fluid riffs, confident power belt vocals, in the pocket bass lines, and an all or nothing drum stylization. 
These musicians are keeping in line with the likes of several influences that had a profound impact on them throughout their lives. Greats like Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, AC-DC, and Black Sabbath to name a few. The Rockafellas strive for the artistry of real rock, that has seemed to slip through the cracks in today's unoriginally fueled creative process. 
All of the Members of the Rockafellas have evolved musically in the Sacramento, California area.Some have opened for acts like Journey, Peter Frampton, The Cult, Fishbone and the Deftones.