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clock strikes 13 tour

Hip-Hop at its fines_ artists from all over nor-cal will be at this show


The Clock Strikes Thirteen Tour

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” 
― George Orwell, 1984.

While change is inevitable, the healing powers of music will always be a tool to combat the looming Dystopian ideals of today. 4 modern day heroes will set off this Spring to spread their healing powers up the California and Oregon Coasts.

Z-Man will Dazzle while True Justice drops the anchor onstage. Oso Negro provides thoughts over DJ Surebert's soundscape. Eva Rhymes will bring the East Coast flavor.


•Z-MAN - San Francisco, CA

Z-Man is an emcee and visual artist. In 2003 & 2004, Z-Man released the two solo albums Dope or Dog Food? and Anti-Nerd, under the Hieroglyphics label. 2005 saw Z & Gpek drop the independent album Don't Forget to Brag. At that same time, Z was building the group One Block Radius who signed with Mercury/Island/Def Jam in 2008. After their disbandment, Z-Man released a slew of insightful & captivating projects through SF collective Gurp City, including California Brainwashed and The Opening Act. Currently he is creating a coloring book & finishing his ultra-real Animal Slavery EP.

“A Day in the Life” video:


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True Justice, aka The Man of Steel, has been a pioneer in the Bay Area Hip Hop scene since 1989. True Justice holds the torch, and is known for tearing clubs down in every city and every town. No stranger to hustle and showmanship, he comes from the era of constantly packing the vinyl crates and being out on the road. 2016 saw the release The Man of Steel, featuring his crafted beats compiled with west coast underground luminary emcees riding his funky production.

The Way You Are Video:

Guerrilla Funk Records:

True Justice Instagram:

•OSO NEGRO - Ontario, OR/Boise, ID

Oso Negro started emceeing & singing in Oxford, MS during 2001 & has been making solo moves through the western US since 2010. A twist of reggae, a splash of crooning & the ever-present spirit of live music feed this hungry bearʼs desire to mix it up and keep it stimulating. In 2014, he dropped the Unkie O LP, which was included in Radio Boise's "Krush Groove 208"'s top 10 list of the year. In 2017 he released the stark and sinister Werebear EP w Boise beatsmith Weighn Beats.

Oso full EPK:

“Carpaccio” video:

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•Surebert (Portland, OR)
Hailing from Oregon and Montana, Surebert is a dynamic producer, DJ, and midnight toker. He has toured the entire Western United States, playing sold out shows and festivals across the west coast. His production has featured talented underground MC’s from all over the map including One Be Lo of Binary Star, Luckyiam of Living Legends , Sapient of Sandpeople, and every hometown hero in the Northwest.

Surebert SoundCloud:

Surebert Instagram:

Eva Rhymes
Eva Rhymes, also known as Jinxxx was born with the beat in her walk and music in her talk. She is a fusion of Hip-Hop and soul hailing from the east Baltimore with a growing reputation of bold, beautiful, beast on the mic. Her music is raw and uncut with lessons of life stitched in. Eva Rhymes has been international appearing in publications in Spain and has been in attendance at Midem in France establishing herself as a songwriter. Eva has been the headliner at music festivals in her hometown of Baltimore last summer appearing at the SoWeBo festival and Play It Forward Festival and is scheduled in 2018 to join Dj True Justice and more on tour. Her Album, " The Life & Times Of Eva Rhymes" was named one of the top albums in Baltimore in 2017 by the local paper "The Baltimore Beat"